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About the Owner Of Blessed Pressure Washing.

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About Me: Darnell Davis
Hi, I am Darnell; I’m twenty-seven. I was born and raised
in Fayetteville, North Carolina. When I was fifteen, my
family and I moved to Cameron, Nc. I cherish my family
and our quality time spent together. There is nothing more
significant on earth to me than the laughs and fun we have
doing simple things. When I am not working, I enjoy
traveling with family.
I enjoy the simple things in life that others may think of as
boring, like working with my hands. I thank God that I have
the skills to run my business in both roles as a worker and
an administrator. I try my best to stay positive, push
through the bad days and cherish the good days. My secret
to getting through a rough time comes when I think about
people in third-world countries and their struggles. Their
problems are much greater than what we face in America.
So, remember it could be worse; that helps me through my
My greatest hope in life is that I may impact someone else’s
life for better. If I can do that, I will be satisfied. As Former
President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote goes, “Ask not
what your country can do for you – ask what you can do
for your country.” In the same way, ask not what others
can do for you – ask what you can do for others.”
I long that anyone who reads this will find words of
inspiration and encouragement; thank you.

Excellent Customer Service

Welcome to Blessed Pressure Washing where Customer service is our priority. We display integrity and quality in our lives and especially in our work. Focusing on the clients needs creates a great business foundation for us. We work hard and smart resulting in a job well-done and a happy consumer. 

These values are truly the foundation we stand on and bring to the table for the customer. We are rated five stars on Google and have over a thousand likes on Facebook. There is no other business like us when it comes to the experience you will get when you contact us. 

We don’t just work in our community we serve our community. With Exterior Cleaning service that is the best around you won’t need another company after hiring us.

Expectations: We give our clients realistic expectations of every job we take on, we do not over promise and under perform we give you exactly what you buy and occasionally do a few extras for free. Before and after the work we do a walk around the property with the buyer to be sure that we completely understand what they need done. Transparency is essential in expectations and it builds our customer relationships and trust. 

Why Choose Blessed Pressure Washing?

You should choose us because we put the customers first.

When it comes to Blessed Pressure Washing, we take the initiative to present a service that will benefit you and us professionally. We make it convenient for you; in the same way, we will also take responsibility to maintain your Exterior Cleaning the right way. We will ensure your exteriors are clean professionally with quality, care for the best results.

We were born and raised here and are native to Cumberland and Harnett County. Since we have been here all our life, we take pride in showing everyone the great people that our community has made.

We stand out because we have the southern hospitality that is rare to find now, and treat our customers and clients like family. 

Last but not least, we pay attention to detail and go the extra mile, when you buy a service we throw in a little extra work for free.

Blessed Pressure Washing
Blessed Pressure washing services

Our Story:

We are a locally owned, family operated business that will always remain loyal to our roots of North Carolina. We have been cleaning homes, roof, driveways, and more since 2013. 

My family and I had moved from Fayetteville, NC where we lived all my life on to Cameron, NC. My parents were military veterans, so I’ve always had the feel for being an independent, hustling minded young man.

Our Story: Continued

For even as 2022 is going by quickly, we must continue progressing and getting better in all we do. A famous quote by Seth Godin says, “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” In 2013 I started Blessed Pressure Washing. I previously did it as a side gig because I genuinely found it enjoyable work. I was making a difference for my community, and it made me feel good about it, and the money was good.

During that summer, I took a vacation to Miami, Florida. While there, I could not believe how many buildings’ exteriors were filthy, with heavy stains from years of build-up; they looked like mud was poured on them and dried out. Driving on the main highway, many people could see these buildings, and it was not a good look for the city. These companies were big name brand companies that made hundreds of millions to billions in revenue. You would think they know the importance of appearance, and curb appeal drives revenue. Unfortunately, maybe there are not enough pressure washing companies capable to keep up with the demand in Miami. Since then, I have told myself, my city and surrounding areas would never look like that if I had anything to do with it. Upon returning home from vacation, I went full-time pressure washing, starting in Cameron and Fayetteville, taking on government, commercial and residential jobs. Fast forward to today, we are still washing strong with a passion.

Since the start, we always do every job with quality and detail. People value that and the job was always done right. That summer was an important point in our lives, we learned and earned a lot. 

Fast forward to today, 2021 we live in Cameron, NC and still do residential, government and commercial power washing work for both cities and all surrounding areas. We will always love our communities and make sure that veterans, senior citizens, and anyone who needs exterior cleaning always gets the best with us. 

Pressure Washing information

To See all our deals click here to go to our offers page. Here you will find pressure washing service deals that will save you money on residential exterior cleaning. We have specials for every customer that will give you the most value for your dollar. When you contact us mention the offer you want to in order to redeem that special. Once you see an offer you like contact us, to fill out a service quote form click here

Here at Blessed Pressure Washing we help our community by serving it and giving back. And we want to send a message to people that wherever you are in life, you can make the world a better place by showing love to people every day. Love is greater than hate because in the bible, Jesus (Yeshua) who lived on earth for 30 years without breaking a single law and was sinless, died for the sins of ALL humanity. There is no one on earth that will sacrifice themselves for the sins of a stranger. My family and I have lived through horrifying life experiences, and we put all our Faith in Jesus (Yeshua) alone because without him the story would have been different. So, for this reason we named our company Blessed Pressure Washing

In conclusion, A wise man once said “if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want”.

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“Darnell provided a much needed service at a very reasonable price. He did an Outstanding job as promised!”  – Robert Morgan

“Darnell was extremely professional, attentive, efficient and did an outstanding job pressure washing our home. I will be using his services in the future.”  – Carla Alicea 

“I can’t say enough good things about Darnell and Blessed Pressure Washing; the name of the business says it all. He was professional, prompt, and detailed,  I was blessed by his services.”  – Jovan McLeod

“They Came through and did an amazing Job! Our home looks as good as it did when we first moved in. Definitely will be using this company again in the future. ”  – Ariana Cason 

To learn the must read advice before hiring a power washing company click here. Also to learn more on Pressure washing check out our free article teaching you basic and advance knowledge. 

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