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  • Blessed Pressure Washing is a pressure washing company serving the Mid-South part of North Carolina.
  • Which includes Fayetteville, Cameron, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, and all surrounding areas.
  • We serve both residential and commercial customers.
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Blessed Pressure Washing is a locally owned, family owned and operated small business serving Cameron, Fayetteville, Spring Lake, Hope Mills, Raeford, Fort Bragg, Sanford, Lillington, and all the surrounding areas. We have built our positive reputation on high quality work, and customer service that makes the customer feel great that they hired us. Our community is extremely important to us and they enjoy the work we do, this is why we have a five star rating on google and Facebook. 

We have a quick turnaround time and pay attention to detail. When it comes to removing dirty mold, stains, algae and build up from your home and exteriors you need a professional that has experience, this is exactly what you get with us. Leading the industry for years in residential and commercial pressure washing services we do the job right. When you call Blessed Pressure Washing you are calling a business that loves the work they do. Our cleaning specialist know the proper techniques to make your property shine bright. So text us or call at (910)705-2785 for a free estimate. 

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“Darnell provided a much needed service at a very reasonable price. He did an Outstanding job as promised!”  – Robert Morgan

“Darnell was extremely professional, attentive, efficient and did an outstanding job pressure washing our home. I will be using his services in the future.”  – Carla Alicea 

“I can’t say enough good things about Darnell and Blessed Pressure Washing; the name of the business says it all. He was professional, prompt, and detailed,  I was blessed by his services.”  – Jovan McLeod

“They Came through and did an amazing Job! Our home looks as good as it did when we first moved in. Definitely will be using this company again in the future. ”  – Ariana Cason 

Pressure Washing 101

Pressure washing services in Cameron NC

Pressure washing is a bit more than simply blasting high pressure water on your house siding to peel the dirt away. Pressure washing has different tactics used by professionals to complete the job the RIGHT way. We will go over the correct ways to pressure wash in hopes of helping any one who wants to learn the process. Lastly before we start always remember high pressure is dangerous to you, your home and anything around your home so please be careful while working and read this article to learn some of the important basics. 

  • The Best way to clean a driveway or concrete is high pressure and a surface cleaner. The wand is not ideal because its time consuming. You will also need at least a 4 gpm pressure washer with at least 3200 psi. 
  • Bleach and chemicals can harm children and pets please keep anyone who is not a professional away from these materials. 
  • Use the right sprayers to apply your chemicals to avoid having to get on a ladder to reach taller areas. 
  • Use low pressure on vinyl, wood, and roofs never use high pressure on these surfaces it will destroy them.
  • When using bleach or any chemicals use a respirator to protect your lungs and always wear glasses and long clothing.
  •  High pressure washers in the wrong hands can explode. This should be taken literally, if you do not have the fittings connected to your hoses and pressure washer on tight they can explode. Faulty hoses can also explode always inspect before using your machine. More importantly never leave a pressure washer running if not using it. The pressure build up will damage your pressure washer and can explode within minutes of not releasing the pressure. This is why you install an unloader to help slow the pressure build up. 

Pressure washing services in Cameron NC

  1. Know what your cleaning to know how to do it. 
  2. Only use high pressure to clean concrete and brick surfaces. You will destroy your home and roof and void your warrant by using high pressure on anything other than concrete and brick. 
  3. Use low pressure and industrial bleach when cleaning houses, roofs and vinyl fences, using surfactant will help the process.
  4. When using bleach or any chemicals use a respirator to protect your lungs and always wear glasses and long clothing.
  5. Do not do pressure washing yourself if you don’t know what your doing. You can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage to property and yourself. 
  6. Do not pressure wash yourself if you are not prepared for physically demanding work. As a professional I work in hot and cold weather and get my clothes wet and carrying around hoses and hours of standing on my feet and going up ladders sometimes. I would be the first to tell you that this is not an easy job. So next time you get a quote you have a small insight of why the price is not cheap. 
  7. Finally I will end with this: If you decide to hire a professional pressure washing company please beware of the cheap guy he will probably cut corners and does not have insurance and just does pressure washing on the side. Here at Blessed Pressure Washing we are pros that do this fulltime 365 days a year. We have middle pricing, not too high and not low. We have the proper insurance to take on residential and commercial pressure washing services.  
  8. If you want an instant quote text us your address and what services your interested in and we will get back with you asap for a price. Or call us but the fastest way to get a quote is to text. 

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