Free House Washing Checklist

This is our free house washing checklist, it will will give your business an edge over your competitors. We use every this everyday when pressure washing homes. 

Customers will be 100% satisfied when using this method and you will see your work performance increase. Every exterior cleaning company should have a guide when working in the field.

This list helps our service technicians do quality work at a steady pace, read it below for free.  

House Washing
Author: Blessed Pressure Washing
Published [10/18/21] by: Blessed Marketing Experts

House Washing Check-list

  1. Start timer (this helps your service techs work on speed and quality)
  2. Put out safety traffic cones around truck for caution
  3. Hook water hose up to start filling up your buffer tank
  4. Do your initial walk around the house while taking before pictures. This is to check the customers home to for open electrical outlets, open windows, or anything unordinary. In addition do property protection, cover up and tape off fixtures, lights, doorbells and security cameras etc. 
  5.  Pull out your wash and rinse hose(s) to the furthest point in the back of the home. Start washing the 1st side of the house and rinse it after 5-10 minutes. Check to be sure side is completely cleaned before moving on to next side. 
  6. Use this process around the whole home until complete and double check for any missed spots. 
  7.  Do a little extra work for customer (not necessary) but doing something like the shed or a small walk way for free goes a long way in business. This makes you stand out from the competitors. 
  8. Prepare your hoses and equipment to leave.
  9. Take after pictures 
  10. Get paid: Let customer know your finished and let them walk around to check out the work if they would like. 
  11. Ask for a review: preferred in person after doing last walk around and getting paid.
Continue doing honest, quality work, with consistency and keep growing your business. WE HOPE YOU CRUSH IT, GOOD LUCK!

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