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Want to learn more about pressure washing and Soft Washing ? This article is teaching you this from an intermediate and advance level. If you are new we recommend reading our first guide on the basics, click here “Must-Read: Advice Before Hiring Pressure Washing Services”.  

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Published [10/18/21] by: Blessed Marketing Experts

Pressure washing is a bit more than simply blasting high pressure water on your house siding to peel the dirt away. Pressure washing has different tactics used by professionals to complete the job the RIGHT way. We will go over the correct ways to pressure wash in hopes of helping any one who wants to learn the process. Lastly before we start always remember high pressure is dangerous to you, your home and anything around your home so please be careful while working and enjoy reading this article. Also check out our free resources here.

Who created pressure washing ?

Frank W. Ofeldt II invented power washing in 1926 on accident. He had oil stains on his garage floor from work. So being that his primary job was making hot water heaters and boilers for a company in Pennsylvania he found a way to spray hot water and steam through a hose, thus power washing was born. Now this brings us to the definitions and different ways to clean surfaces.

Pressure Washing vs power washing?

Exterior Cleaning with water has only three main techniques of doing so. All three ways of cleaning produce great results but in different manners.

Pressure washing- is the use of spraying high pressure cold-water on surfaces to remove dirt, grime, mold, algae, moss, paint and more.

Power washing- uses high pressured hot water rather than cold water in order to clean. 

What is Soft Washing ?

Soft Washing- is the use of low-pressure cold water combined with a certain chemical and a specific soap. Soft washing is used for delicate surfaces that may damage if using high pressure. 

Soft washing was introduced to the power washing industry around 1985 so obviously not as old as pressure washing but is still important. 

Here at Blessed Pressure Washing we clean most of the common items and surfaces that are mentioned. To learn more about us click here. Our home page will show you our new feature on how to get a free instant quote through text message, if interested click here to go on our home page.

Fun fact: power washing and pressure washing are not recommended for certain applications like delicate surfaces. Organic growth such as dirt, mold, moss and grime can only be completely eliminated on sensitive surfaces using soft washing. This is because the chemicals kill the organic material. 

From a professional standpoint each technique has its place in the industry and are equally important. Here at Blessed Pressure Washing we have been satisfying customers with all their exterior cleaning needs for many years. 

Have questions ? We are happy to help you, also check out our website to fill out a contact form or call/text us at (910)705-2785.

Blessed Pressure Washing

The 5 ways to Soft Wash ?

Soft washing is unique to us as a power washing business and to you as a homeowner. Because it cleans surfaces without using too much pressure and it also kills the source of organic growth which keeps your surfaces clean longer. Here are the methods to soft wash from less expensive to more expensive: Down-streaming, X-jet, 12 Volt, booster pump and finally a roof pump. 

Down-streaming- used with a down stream injector applies the chemical after the pressure washing pump and right into the water hose. Up-streaming introduces the chemical before the pressure washing pump therefore the chemical goes through your machine. Down-streaming is more common and generally better then up-streaming because the chemical wont go into your unit causing damage over time. 

X-jet- Is the process of spraying chemical at the end of a hose this is also used with a pressure washer and allows for a greater concentrated cleaning mix than down-streaming. 

12 volt- also known as a 12 volt system is a battery powered machine that is used to shoot solution in a low pressure manner to clean multiple surfaces. This unit can be upgraded to a 24 volt battery for better performance but certainly not necessary. In addition battery operated machines do not make much noise as opposed to all the other set ups for soft washing. repairing this unit is also fairly cheap being that a new pump is around $150 and will make you thousands of dollars. 

Booster pump- electric powered unit usually by a generator or with an ac extension cord and works in connection with a soft wash system to raise the water flow rate. 

Roof pumps- are machines that are gas or air powered that have a high water flow rate. If you do a lot of pressure washing a roof pump will increase your production massively. This unit will shoot water the furthest and is the most expensive. 

For soft washing the psi is the pressure associated to the machine. Gpm is the gallons per minute also known as the flow rate. When soft washing you want a low psi and a high gpm

What Things are common for Pressure Washing Services?

  1. House
  2. Roof
  3. Driveway
  4. Fence 
  5. Gutters
  6. Windows
  7. Patio
  8. Vehicles 
  9. Heavy equipment
  10. Dumpster pads (usually commercial)
  11. Skylights
  12. Solar Panels 
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Shingles
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Hardy board
  • Aluminum
  • Paint 

Here at Blessed Pressure Washing we clean most of the common items that were mentioned, and surfaces, call us for any questions.

Pressure Washing

More about services

Roof Washing is the process of cleaning algae, mold, mildew, moss and black streaks from a roof. 

House Washing- cleans the mold, mildew, algae, dirt, oxidation, spider webs, from a house. The Process is done using low pressure water, chemical and soap.  

Driveway Cleaning & Patio- is the process of washing the concrete, brick, and other surfaces to remove dirt, mold, and mildew. Done with a surface cleaner or wand. 

Fence Washing- the procedure of cleaning the algae, mold, dirt and mildew from a fence. 

Deck Cleaning- removing any algae, mildew, mold, moss, dirt and oxidation from wooden decks. Normally to prepare the surface for paint, or sealing. 

Window Washing- the process of cleaning exterior glass windows free of any blemish, smears, dust and dirt. Water, soap and a wiping tool is used to make the window shine. 

Gutter Cleaning- cleaning the inside of a gutter, gutter guard and downspouts free of any dirt, leafs, pine needles, moss, & mold. Then secondly cleaning the outer surface free of any mold, and black streaks to restore the finish. 

Dumpster Pad Cleaning- the process of cleaning commercial businesses exterior dumpster areas to remove and kill dirt, grime, harmful substances, etc. This is important to stay in accordance to sanitation laws. 

Oxidation Removal- Is the process of cleaning and applying chemical to restore the color of faded paint. This is caused from the sun and heat exposure over a period of time. This happens to vinyl siding, house shudders, metal roofs, wood, etc. 

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what type of customers can pressure washing companies be hired by?

Residential customers – are clients that call us for service in any living area including homes, apartments, condos, mobile homes, and neighborhoods.

Residential pressure washing is where 70% of our work comes from so we are experts in this area which is just what we like doing to make our community shine bright.

Commercial pressure washing – is for clients with real estate intended to create a profit. They are businesses, store fronts, downtown and company buildings, malls, gas stations, parking lots, shopping centers and much more

Industrial power washing – is identical to commercial cleaning but focuses on factories, production facilities and steel structures to remove heavy grease, grime and stains from similar equipment.

30% of our business is doing commercial and industrial projects. 

Last is government and Military clients- this is work from municipal accusation such as local, state or federal government. Exterior cleaning job examples are libraries, state bridges, public schools, military bases etc. 

How often do you need pressure washing services?

Pressure washing experts suggest homeowners get services at least once a year. 

You may need your home washed if: One it has not been done yet this year, two if you have an hoa violation or three if the sides of your home look dirty. 

The benefits of getting your house washed regularly are the following: 

  1. Your home will last longer.
  2. Protects your home, children and pets from harmful exterior substances.
  3. Saves you money from home repairs and also saves money on your utility bill. 
  4. Gives your home an amazing curb appeal.
  5. Gives you peace of mind.   

Getting Pressure Washing Done Yearly

Together we can protect your homes exterior surfaces from all the outside elements that cause rot and decay over time. 

Pressure washing once a year reduces the cost of repairs from damages cause by mold, mildew and algae. Home owners must realize the price for house washing spread over a one year time period is less than $2 a day. Look at it from this way to make the purchase easy to digest because everyone should want their home in the best shape.  

If your property looks dirty get on google and search “Pressure washing near me” and get your home services done today or book your service, just fill out our contact form. We communicate by call, text, and email. 
Besides home services, If you own or manage commercial real estate they should be cleaned multiple times a year. Anywhere from twice to eight times a year depending on what type of business you have. Cleaning your commercial property regularly will bring you up to standard with federal and state code sanitary rules which is a requirement. Want to learn more about commercial power washing ?

Pressure Washing

Need Services ? How, When and Why ?

Restaurants need to be cleaned regularly to meet requirements and be up to code for sanitary inspections. This mainly includes the building and the dumpster pad area. Note that if you own a store front you can get the concrete and parking lot cleaned as well to attract more business to your location because customers value cleanliness. 

Power washing is done year round so call a local company any day of the year. 

An interesting story happened when a customer called us and wanted only one side of her house washed. She booked an appointment, we came out and cleaned that one side of the house. She sees that the other sides are actually dirty when compared to the clean part. So she had us complete the whole home. I learned that when your house looks clean take a closer look because it may be dirty. So you may need our service and not know it. 

If you have not had a house wash, driveway wash or roof wash yet all year then it is time to give us a call.  

How we are different

We specialize in residential cleaning, homeowners and realtors are our ideal clients as mentioned before. So you can have confidence hiring us because we have successful experience in home services. 

We work closely with real estate agents, they contact Blessed Pressure Washing before posting a home on the market. We have a contactless business method and a face to face way to be in accordance to Covid-19 requirements. Clients can have a complete service done and pay without any physical interaction if requested. We respect everyone’s health, and we want you to be comfortable doing business with us.

Why get services?

Your home is an important investment, and we want to help you protect it from the damages caused by dirt, mildew, and mold. 

It will shock you to know that mildew on an exterior overtime will cause the material to rot and decay resulting in thousands of dollars in home repairs and damages. In addition, if you have children or pets you want to protect them. 

We provide that quality knock out service that will leave you amazed. A case study proves that pressure washing gives you a healthier home because airborne substances that end up on your home can become harmful. Mold can lead to asthma-like symptoms when inhaled. Power washing gets rid of mildew, mold, algae, and other pollution, by killing it from the start.

*HOA Violations: Get your house washed to keep you from getting neighborhood violations. 

Other questions to ask a company

Pressure Washing

What is your cleaning process?

If you are a service provider this free checklist will greatly help you and your business when you focus on quality work and speed.

Here at Blessed Pressure Washing we have a step-by-step checklist that we follow on every single job to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee. Power washing companies need to have cleaning procedures to maximize your production and profits. 

Experienced professionals have a checklist. Some are so experienced that they can remember all these steps in their head while working the job. 

Click Below to get our free checklist that anyone can use FREE of charge.

Are your service technicians certified?

The pressure washing specialist should be trained properly and have much experience operating their pressure washer and all the chemicals and materials while doing the job. In addition they need on the job experience because the pressure washing business is dangerous

1st is because high pressure can severely harm someone or break a window on a house or car. Secondly the ladder, someone on a ladder is always a risk for something to go wrong. A person can fall from the ladder and become longtime injured. Third is chemicals, the high concentrated bleach along with the many other solutions pressure washing professionals use daily are very harmful to people, children, pets and the customers home and yard. 

If you have an inexperienced individual handling your work this can quickly become a disaster.  

When can you schedule my service?

This is an important question that obviously needs to be asked for you to get service. See when the company can fit you in their schedule also ask what days they have available so you can choose a day that fits both parties

Pressure washing service can be done when you are not home so if you are not home when you book your service let the professional work. With our business we do work when the customer is away from the home every single day and have contactless payment options. Everything is done the same and if you see we missed a spot we will gladly come back. 

Some companies are booked out for weeks to months after all that’s what the busy season looks like. If you need an immediate service but can’t seem to get the calendar date you want, then try offering to pay extra to bump yourself up in the queue. If all fails, try contacting another provider. Thank you for reading “pressure washing knowledge” contact us for any questions.

More Tips on Pressure Washing

  • The Best way to clean a driveway or concrete is high pressure and a surface cleaner. The wand is not ideal because it is time consuming. You will also need at least a 4 gpm pressure washer with at least 3200 psi. 
  • Bleach and chemicals can harm children and pets please keep anyone who is not a professional away from these materials. 
  • Use the right sprayers to apply your chemicals to avoid having to get on a ladder to reach taller areas. 
  • Use low pressure on vinyl, wood, and roofs never use high pressure on these surfaces it will destroy them.
  • When using bleach or any chemicals use a respirator to protect your lungs and always wear glasses and long clothing.
  • High pressure washers in the wrong hands can explode. This should be taken literally, if you do not have the fittings connected to your hoses and pressure washer on tight they can explode. Faulty hoses can also explode always inspect before using your machine. More importantly never leave a pressure washer running if not using it. The pressure build up will damage your pressure washer and can explode within minutes of not releasing the pressure. This is why you install an unloader to help slow the pressure build up. 
  • Know what your cleaning to know how to do it.  
  • Use low pressure and industrial bleach when cleaning houses, roofs and vinyl fences, using surfactant will help the process.
  1. Only use high pressure to clean concrete and brick surfaces. You will destroy your home and roof and void your warrant using high pressure on anything other than concrete and brick.
  2. Do not do pressure washing yourself if you don’t know what your doing. You can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage to property and yourself. 
  3. Do not pressure wash yourself if you are not prepared for physically demanding work. As a professional I work in hot and cold weather and get my clothes wet and carrying around hoses and hours of standing on my feet and going up ladders sometimes. I would be the first to tell you that this is not an easy job. So next time you get a quote you have a small insight of why the price is not cheap. 
  4. Finally I will end with this: If you decide to hire a professional pressure washing company please beware of the cheap guy he will probably cut corners and does not have insurance and just does pressure washing on the side. Here at Blessed Pressure Washing we are pros that do this fulltime 365 days a year. We have average pricing, not too high and not low. We have the proper insurance to take on residential and commercial pressure washing services.  
  5. If you want an instant quote text us your address and what services your interested in and we will get back with you asap for a price. Or call us but the fastest way to get a quote is to text. 

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