Must-Read: Advice Before Hiring Pressure Washing Services​

Read this FREE guide to learn how to avoid a shady pressure washing company when searching for pressure washing services. At the same time learn how to hire the perfect service professional for you.

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Published [10/18/21] by: Blessed Marketing Experts

Read this FREE guide to learn how to avoid a shady pressure washing company when searching for pressure washing services. And to find the perfect pro for you.

There are companies that will do you wrong and take your money. These guys give the good companies a bad reputation. To protect us all from the scammers, today we will teach you how to weed out the bad businesses. In result this will save you money and prevent stressful experiences with service providers. 

After reading this article you will know what pressure washing is, also you will know when you need pressure washing and third you will know how to hire the perfect pressure washing professional for you. Case studies suggest that researching a topic before doing it will give you greater results. 

Blessed Pressure Washing is a trusted power washing company that has years of experience serving North Carolina’s local communities with power washing. And today we are here to help homeowners, renters, realtors, and everyone who needs advice in finding the right pressure washing professional for you. Learn more about us on our about page.

This resource can be applied in any kind of service business when looking to hire a specialist, Please share this information. 

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How to avoid a shady pressure washing company

Table of contents:

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  1. How often do you need pressure washing service?
  2. Does the business have a valid website presence and good reviews?
  3. Do they have liability insurance?
  4. Do they provide residential power washing service?
  5. What is the cost of house washing?
  6. What is Pressure Washing or Power Washing?
  7. What things are common for pressure washing services?

1. How often do you need pressure washing services ?

Pressure washing experts suggest homeowners get services at least once a year. 

You may need your home washed if: One it has not been done yet this year, two if you have an hoa violation or three if the sides of your home look dirty. 

The benefits of getting your house washed regularly are the following: 

  1. Your home will last longer.
  2. Protects your home, children and pets from harmful exterior substances.
  3. Saves you money from home repairs and also saves money on your utility bill. 
  4. Gives your home an amazing curb appeal.
  5. Gives you peace of mind.   

Getting Pressure Washing Done Yearly

Together we can protect your homes exterior surfaces from all the outside elements that cause rot and decay over time. 

Pressure washing once a year reduces the cost of repairs from damages cause by mold, mildew and algae. Home owners must realize the price for house washing spread over a one year time period is less than $2 a day. Look at it from this way to make the purchase easy to digest because everyone should want their home in the best shape.  

If your property looks dirty get on google and search “Pressure washing near me” and get your home services done today or book your service, just fill out our contact form. We communicate by call, text, and email. 
Besides home services, If you own or manage commercial real estate they should be cleaned multiple times a year. Anywhere from twice to eight times a year depending on what type of business you have. Cleaning your commercial property regularly will bring you up to standard with federal and state code sanitary rules which is a requirement. Want to learn more about commercial power washing ?

2. Does the Company have a valid Website presence and good reviews?

Blessed Pressure Washing

In 2021, the technology age, Businesses look legit and real when they have a professionally made website that is mobile friendly. 

Next the company’s social media should match their website to confirm to the customers/clients that this is a real business. These are the bare minimum for people to be comfortable doing business with a company. 

Finally every trustworthy business needs to have referrals. These recommendations can be any referrals from well known brands companies like google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, and even word of mouth referrals from friends and family.  

Especially be sure to see pictures of their past work, the photos typically are on the business website and social media. 

3. Do they have liability insurance?

Does the company your hiring for your pressure washing service have insurance?

Companies with liability insurance have less accidents on the job than a company without insurance. 

This protects you and your property from any potential damages in addition protects you from any lawsuits if the technician gets hurt on your property.

You should certainly hire a business that is licensed and insured first because anyone that is licensed and insured will take better care of your home. And secondly they are most likely trained better than the average person on how to perform pressure washing work better than some one that is not licensed and insured. 

Although professionals are trained correctly, we are all humans, so accidents do happen. Moreover be sure to hire a company with liability insurance. 

  • Extra tip– Full-time professionals tend to have better job quality, customer service and a smooth overall job performance. Businesses that are full-time providers, are more experienced than someone that does pressure washing on the side. Resulting in less mistakes and a better overall experience. 

4. Do they provide residential pressure washing services ?

Pressure washing services

Ask if the business provides residential power washing services because it can help you save money.

Companies that only focus on commercial power washing or government power washing will be very expensive. Secondly they may not do residential work or little of it. Which means they are not specialized in home services, you’ll want a residential pressure washing pro not a commercial pressure washing pro.

There are some pressure washing companies that will never do residential house washing. Because they focus on commercial work, they only want to clean huge stores/buildings that pay thousands of dollars per job. So if they are willing to fit you in their schedule they will charge you an arm and a leg. 

To sum this up, search for businesses that specialize in residential power washing because this works in favor of both parties. In addition the biggest pressure washing company near you is not always the best fit if they are booked out for months.

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5. What is the cost of house washing?

Pricing Never follow googles pricing range when you search for pressure washing cost. Because every quote is unique and google is taking information from all across the country near and far. Therefore the information on google for prices in your area tend to be inaccurate.

To find the average price in your area call 3-4 pressure washing companies near you and get quotes and the middle number between all of the estimates will give you your answer.

No home/property is the same so pressure washing costs tend to be unique. The obvious three levels of price range are high, middle and low and this is what they look like. 

High end companies charge from $700 and up for house washing on a 3,000 sq-ft home. 

Low end companies for the same size house charge around $200 and down for three reasons. One they are a good workers but desperate for work. Two because they are bad workers and don’t have a license or insurance which means they may cut corners. Or three and the most impossible, they are generous to do the work for cheap.

Pressure Washing Services in Cameron NC

The average price to wash a 3,000 sq-ft home will be between $400 and $600. This is in the mid-south area of North Carolina, which includes the cities and counties listed on our home page, this is market average. 

Although these prices listed are accurate remember in other parts of your state or country these can change greatly. The factors of price depend on the following.

Price Factors

Pressure washing services
  1. Location and travel time.
  2. Company you hire.
  3. Equipment, materials cost and services the company offers.
  4. Labor- the amount of work, how difficult the job is and number of employees they have.
  5. The quality of work provided.
  6. The promotions, discounts and specials if any.
  7. Unordinary obstacles about the house and property (because every job is different).
  8. Time: The time it takes to do your job. Prices can change with the season. Also, and most forgotten fact is every year prices go up a little. So the current years prices are usually more than the past year.

Best company for you

Pressure Washing

Finally after reviewing these steps you are ready to to hire the perfect pressure washing company for you. Also read below our Frequently asked questions to learn what pressure washing is and what surfaces are common to clean. Thank you for reading the “Pressure Washing Services Must-Read: Advice Before Hiring”. If you need any more information contact us for a free consultation.  

Frequently asked questions

6. What is Pressure Washing or power washing?

Exterior Cleaning with water has only three main techniques of doing so. All three methods of cleaning aim to produce the same results but in a different manner.

Pressure washing- is the use of spraying high pressure cold-water on surfaces to remove dirt, grime, mold, algae, moss, paint and more.

Power washing- uses high pressured hot water rather than cold water in order to clean. 

Soft Washing- is the use of low-pressure cold water combined with a certain chemical and a specific soap. (Want to learn more about soft washing ?)

It is noted that asking for service, you can fill free to use the three terms for washing freely. Because the specialist you talk to will know exactly how to do the job when you say what you need cleaned. 

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7. What Things are common for Pressure Washing Services?

  1. House
  2. Roof
  3. Driveway
  4. Fence 
  5. Gutters
  6. Windows
  7. Patio
  8. And More
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Shingles
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Hardy board
  • Aluminum
  • Paint 

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